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TEKMAR Formula TS-3 Cleaner - 1 Gallon

TEKMAR Formula TS-3 Cleaner - 1 Gallon

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This cutting edge cleaning fluid will instantly remove 100% of cured plastisol inks along with water based, puff, flock adhesives and many other ink types.

TS-3 is the industry standard by which others are judged. TS-3 contains “Teknaklean” – a revolutionary additive that allows the soil to be encapsulate for more complete and efficient cleaning. TS-3 quickly breaks down the ink for easy and efficient removal. TS-3 can also be used to clean grease and oil from fabrics. Additionally, it is a terrific cleaner for removing flock lettering and transfers from Ts and sweats. Formulated to be used in all cleaning guns, TS-3 contains a non-staining lubricant that will prolong the life of the spot cleaning gun and eliminate timely and costly breakdowns.

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