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Mimaki TXF150-75 DTF Printer

Mimaki TXF150-75 DTF Printer

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A safe and stable machine packed with Mimaki's technology
"TxF150-75" is a Mimaki's first DTF (direct-to-film) printer with a maximum printing width of 80 cm for producing DTF print transfer sheets. "PHT50" heat transfer pigment ink for DTF, consisting of five colors (CMYK and white), is scheduled to obtain the ECO PASSPORT certification by the end of March 2023 which is essential for obtaining the international safety standard for textile products “OEKO-TEX”.

The DTF printers have been plagued by ink ejection defects and white ink clogging. To overcome these issues, Mimaki has adopted a degassing ink design that uses aluminum packs as the printer's ink packaging form, as well as a white ink circulation function MCT (Mimaki Circulation Technology)*1. The new printer also features Mimaki's NCU (Nozzle Check Unit)*2 and NRS (Nozzle Recovery System)*3 technologies that support stable operation. They ensure continuous printing without stopping the operation to support customers' productions.

*1 Mimaki Circulation Technology: White ink circulation function
*2 Nozzle Check Unit: Missing nozzle detection function
*3 Nozzle Recovery System: A function to substitute missing nozzles with other nozzles.

Mimaki offerings for DTF printing will be printers, inks and RIP software. Our recommended specifications for the film used to create the transfer sheet, hot-melt powder, powder application equipment, post-processing machines and heat press transfer machines are provided to customers at the time of sale.

Product outlines
1. Eliminates "ink ejection defects" and "white ink clogging" to realize stable operation.
2. ECO PASSPORT certified ink to ensure customer safety and security

Production Example of TxF150-75

1. Eliminates "ink ejection defects" and "white ink clogging" to realize stable operation.
The printer features Mimaki's NCU (Nozzle Check Unit) and NRS (Nozzle Recovery System) technologies that support stable operation. In the event of nozzle problems, printing can be resumed without waiting for service personnel for the repair, allowing production to continue. In addition, the MCT (Mimaki Circulation Technology) function effectively suppresses pigment precipitation by periodically circulating white ink to prevent such problems as "white ink clogging," while the aluminum pack design for ink packaging and degassed ink design prevent "ink ejection defects" to realize stable printing.

Eco-friendly cartridge ink with aluminum pack design

NCU & NRS automatically detect missing nozzles to minimize downtime.

MCT (Mimaki Circulation Technology), a white ink circulation system for stable printing
2. ECO PASSPORT certified ink to ensure customer safety and security
All the ink colors are schedule to obtain ECO PASSPORT certification by the end of March 2023, which is required to obtain OEKO-TEX®, an international safety standard that guarantees the safety of textile products. It reduces environmental impact and is also friendly to the customer's work environment.

TxF150-75 Maximum print width: 800 mm (31.5")

Corresponding Ink

Application list

Seismo L24R Powder Shaker

The Seismo L24R is a more advanced version of the Seismo L24 DTF powder shaker and dryer. It has an auto-recirculating system that collects excess powder for refilling and reuse, making it more efficient and cost-effective. If you are looking for a powerful and efficient powder distribution solution for your DTF printing business, the Seismo L24R is a great option.

(Price Includes Shipping)


  • Improve efficiency
  • Reduce material waste
  • Save time and money


  • Large Media Width: The Seismo L24R has a large media width of 24", allowing for the printing of larger designs without any issues. This feature provides greater design flexibility and allows printing on a wider range of materials.
  • Auto-Recirculating System: The Seismo L24R comes with an auto-recirculating system that automatically collects excess powder for refilling, eliminating the need for manual powder collection and refilling. This feature increases efficiency, saves time, and reduces the chances of powder spillage or mess.
  • Intelligent Sensor System: With the intelligent sensor system in place, the Seismo L24R ensures stable curving quality while consuming less power. This results in energy savings, reduces overall operating costs, and improves the quality of the final product.
  • Conveyor and Suction System: The conveyor and suction system on the Seismo L24R make it easier to feed the initial film into the machine, reducing setup time and effort. This feature improves overall efficiency and reduces the chances of film misalignment or errors.
  • Powder Filling Box: The powder filling box on the Seismo L24R provides a convenient way to refill the powder without causing any mess or spillage. This saves time, ensures even powder application, and improves overall efficiency.
  • Powder Drying Function: Its built-in powder drying function on the Seismo L24R dries the powder-coated film quickly and efficiently, reducing the drying time and improving overall efficiency. This feature ensures faster turnaround time and increases the number of prints that can be produced in a given timeframe.
  • Easy Maintenance: The Seismo L24R DTF powder shaker and dryer is easy to maintain, with simple cleaning procedures that can be completed quickly. This feature reduces downtime, ensures that the machine is always in optimal condition, and extends the lifespan of the machine.


Max. media width 24 in. (60 cm)
Max. amount of powder applied at one time 4.5-6.5 lb (2-3 kg)
Powder Filling Box YES
Powder Collection Drawer NO
Powder Filling Frequency Every 4-5 Hours
Machine Size (LxWxH) 63.78" x 35.91" x 39.1"
Package Size (LxWxH) 55.9" x 44.1" x 43.82"
Packaging Weight 530 lb (240 kg)
Daily Maintenance - Must reload powder every 4-5 hours
(When paired with Prestige L2/XL2)
- Simple to clean at end of day
Suitable for Users printing 5+ hours/day looking for the most efficient and automatic powdering option
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