InPro TC Combi-Eco

InPro TC Combi-Eco

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TC Combi-Ecos offer screen developing and high pressure washing for cleaning screens. TC Combi-Eco allows for connection with the optional in-line UV LED exposure system.

The automatic high-pressure rinse provides the perfect solution for rinsing screens. When washing out a printed screen, first remove the ink from the screen in a dip tank or a manual ink removal booth. Then place the screen on the belt for automatic screen cleaning and drying. The TC Combi-Eco is also suitable for high-pressure cleaning haze removers. And great for removing pre-softened emulsions, water inks and degreasers.

For developing the screen, turn 2 valves to flip the machine into developing mode. Pressure rinse jets produce fast and dependable washout results.

TC Combi-Ecos are great to compliment Computer to Screen based screen imaging systems. The Combi-Eco offers excellent exposure & washout for all types of artwork. All artwork types from very fine linework and subtle highlight halftone dots.

• Labor saving for all water rinse needed in pre-press & post-press
• Offers safer working conditions without direct personnel exposure
• Simple design is easy to use and maintain
• Heavy duty machines built with A1 parts
• Highest results due to also the special Nozzle system

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