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Grunig G-Wash 104 "Plug & Wash" Washing Machine

Grunig G-Wash 104 "Plug & Wash" Washing Machine

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The G-WASH 104 is an automatic screen cleaning machine that offers Grünig’s latest “Plug & Wash” technology. It has a programmable washing time and is safe to use due to the enclosed washing chamber. Automatic washing is done by means of spray nozzles that operate on both sides of the chamber. These automated spray nozzles, powered by a powerful water pump, clean the frame quickly, efficiently, and thoroughly.

  • Maximum screen format 55″ x 71″ (1400 x 1800 mm)
  • Compact construction
  • Low maintenance and user-friendly
  • Top quality at a competitive price
  • Easily accessible V2A steel nozzles designed to last and provide ease of maintenance
Purchasing Options

1000 MM Width

  • Max screen size (H x W): 55″ x 39″ (1400 x 1000 mm)

1250 MM Width

  • Max screen size (H x W): 55″ x 49″ (1400 x 1250 mm)

1500 MM Width

  • Max screen size (H x W): 55″ x 59″ (1400 x 1500 mm)

1800 MM Width

  • Max screen size (H x W): 55″ x 71″ (1400 x 1800 mm)
Product Options
Version A1
1-circuit washing system for solvents
Version A2
2-circuit washing system for solvents. With automatic tank switching for pre-washing and rinsing.
Version A3
2-circuit developing system for water. Developing process with recycled water, rinsing process with clean water
Option V1
Equipment for connecting the machine to a customer-supplied ventilation system
Option V2
Exhaust air ventilator for evacuating the solvent or water vapors at the end of the program and when the door is open
Option V3
Aerosol filter for purifying the exhaust air from even the smallest solvent and water droplets
Option W1
Bottom trough of V2A stainless steel
Option W2
Bottom trough of V2A stainless steel, adheres to German steel trough regulations (StawaR)
Option Z1
Additional screen holder for side-by-side double loading
Option Z2
Additional horizontal screen holder for top/bottom double loading
Option Z3
Squeegee washing basket (Requires Version A1 or A2)
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