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Fist Force 13" Manual Squeegee

Fist Force 13" Manual Squeegee

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This is a squeegee like no other! The Fist-Force squeegee is ergonomic, easy to clean, and a dream to use.  The handle grips can be repositioned by simply turning them to loosen, sliding them to the desired location, and turning them to tighten which locks them in place. 

The Fist-Force squeegee is made from precision EXTRUDED ALUMINUM and is built to last. The Fist-Force will accommodate squeegee blades from 12" to 14". 

This special edition package includes a black anodized aluminum FRONT extrusion, and two different aluminum BACK pieces (the part of the squeegee with the holes). One of the BACK pieces is the typical length, just like a wooden squeegee (it is equal to the front ) and the other BACK is longer, incorporating a "Deflection Extension"  which stiffens the blade (similar to our Ergo-Force squeegee). So whether you prefer a bendy blade or a stiffened blade you are covered because you get both squeegee backs in this package!

Also included is a set of Mini Catch Rods that allow the squeegee to rest on the screen frame between prints and a set of stainless steel Lolli-Pop-Props.

Items included in 13" Kit:

1 - Primary FRONT extrusion (Black Anodize aluminum)

1 - Standard length BACK extrusion (tumbled finished aluminum)

1 - Deflection Extension BACK extrusion (tumbled finished aluminum)

2 -  Aluminum Fist-Force Power-Grip handles (with preinstalled hardware)

2 - Stainless steel Lolli-Pop-Props  (gizmo on top of Power Grip Handles)

2 -  Stainless steel Mini-Catch-Rods

2 - Black Nylon washers

1 -  piece of 600 grit mini sandpaper

1 - All needed hardware.

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