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DTF Station

DTF Station Hot Melt Powder for Direct to Film - 1 Kg - Black

DTF Station Hot Melt Powder for Direct to Film - 1 Kg - Black

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Formulated to use during DTG Transfer (DTF), this adhesive powder is crucial for this new technology. Cover your DTG Transfer media with this powder to allow for optimal press. Can use it for 100% cotton, poly, nylon, and more!


After baking the powder, solid black for no outlines on black fabric. Even and regular particles for the fine quality of graphic and good adherence. Finely coated film for no pinholes!

Hot Melt Powder for DTG Transfer (DTF):
1 kg - Black

DTF (Direct To Film) products works with almost all types of fabrics including 100% polyester with good quality results!
hot-melt adhesive powder has excellent bonding and flexibility properties with DTF inks.
The designed fabrics or printed shirts have a good wash characteristics.
The fabric has very slight hand feel touch.
The process is much faster than Vinyl printing (Vinyl Printer).

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