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Dane Wash DW125 - Compact

Dane Wash DW125 - Compact

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Unique technical solutions which have been tested under genuine operations
conditions for years have led to this second-to-none screen washer/screen

reclaiming unit. The DW 125 has been designed as an in-line washing unit in which
continuously-wet vertically rotating brushes connected with a high-

pressure unit ensure the most efficient and environment-friendly screen-printing
frame-cleaning possible. The machine cleans screen frames in continuous

operations and is equipped with a safe frame-feeding system which permanently
keeps the frame in the right position in relation to the rotating brushes

and the high-pressure nozzles.

The machine itself is made of stainless steel, and all of the components exposed
are made of corrosion-resistant materials. The system ensures a minimum of
chemical consumption.


  • Fast return on investment
  • Savings on personnel
  • Minimized service and maintenance
  • Minimized consumption electricity
  • Minimized consumption of chemicals
  • Minimized consumption of water
  • Minimized consumption of waste

Some important features of DW-A 125:

  • Thanks to the combination of nozzles and multiple counter rotating vertical brushes a more thorough cleaning is obtained than by hand or any other machine where only nozzles are used. This allows the use of slow evaporating and more environmentally friendly solvents and chemicals.
  • The advantage of using slow evaporating solvents in a closed loop process system minimizes any uncontrolled losses of chemicals to the environment.
  • The DW-A 125 significantly reduces the use of solvents and chemicals compared to manual screen cleaning.
  • The complete cleaning and reclaiming process take place inside the machine and no "wet room" or protective gear is needed for the personnel.
  • Minimum ventilation required and thereby minimum escapes of solvents thru evaporation.
  • Both the ink and stencil removal are closed loop processes and no chemicals are disposed of thru drainage.
  • The complete cycle is PLC controlled and each process is only when a frame is activated present; savings in maitenance, chemicals, water and electricity.
  • The DW- 125 is delivered with a barrel pump for safe deposit of used solvent and chemicals into drums for recycling or neutralization.

The solvent tank holds 200 liter (53 gallons). A re-circulating pump, pumps the solvent

up to 4 nozzle bars with self-cleaning nozzles, which are directed to spray solvent onto

the brushes. The pump is of high volume low-pressure design to avoid “misting” and

excessive evaporation of the solvent. There is one fixed vertical bush and one counter

rotating brushes for effective removal of any new or old ink residues from the screen

and the printing frame. A special frame transport system with vertical “niprollers” ensure

that each frame is individually and positively held and safely transported through the machine.
The re-circulated solvent passes two easy accessible filter trays along side the ink removal section. As the screen leaves the ink removal section it enters a dry brushing section where excessive solvents are brushed off the frame before it enters the stencil stripping section.


The stencil stripping tank holds 136 liter (36 gallons) ready to use, stencil stripping chemicals. 
The re-circulating pump pumps the chemical up to 4 nozzle bars with self-cleaning nozzles, which are directed to spray the stripping chemical onto the brushes. There is one counter rotating brush and one fixed brush for effective removal of the stencil. There is a separate tank for stencil stripping concentrate and with a special dosage pump, a set amount of fresh chemicals are pumped into the nozzle system for each frame. The re-circulated stripping chemicals pass an easy accessible filter tray along side the stencil stripping section


After removal of the stencil, the frame now enters the high pressure was out section where
one high-pressure nozzle moves up and down as the frame passes by. The high-pressure pump has a capacity of 9 liter/minute (2.5 gallons/minute) and draws the water from an 80 liter (20 gallon) buffer tank. The high-pressure pump has automatic shut down and is only activated when a frame is present. This results in huge savings in water, electricity and maintenance. The wastewater passes through an easy accessible filter tray along the side of the section.


The frames are processed at a speed of 125 mm/min (5 inches/min

Available for frames with an outside dimension
30" up to 98" height. Length: endless

Frame profile: 1 3/4", Others on request.

In and outlets are tailor-made to customer's frame length.


Ink Remover Tank (solvents)
                                       53 Gallons
Stencil Remover Tank
                                                  36 Gallons
High Pressure Pump Tank (tap water)
                         20 Gallons
Stencil Stripper Concentrate Tank
                               7.5 Gallons

Working speed:
     125 mm (5")per minute continuous
Service functions:
  Total frame counter. Reset-able
                               frame counter (for check of chemistry)
             External ventilator needs to be installed
                               for proper evacuation. Duct 5"
                               Adjustable exhaust valve needs to be installed.
Exhaust volume:
    170-700 ft3/min
Water consumption:
1.8 Gallons /min. intermittent (from pump tank
                                 (tap water) 'h" connection, 2.5 Bar.
Electrical connections:
208/230V, 3-Phase, 30 Amp, 50/60 cycle
Fuse size:
                 16 Amp
Power consumption:
4 kW
Water drain:
              One 1" floor drain

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