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Anatol Formulator Double Screen Printing Ink Mixer

Anatol Formulator Double Screen Printing Ink Mixer

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An ink mixer is a vital piece of equipment in a professional screen printing shop. The Anatol Formulator Double Screen Printing Ink Mixer is ideal for mixing plastisol or water-based inks, for adding pigments such as glitters and fluorescents to bases, and for ensuring thorough blending of reducers and other modifiers. The self-centering feature automatically adjusts the Formulator to hold a wide variety of ink containers , from 1 quart up to 6 gallons, two containers at a time! The mixer’s special blade configuration with “lift and roll” movement provides gentle, thorough mixing without splash-up or air bubbles, and prevents ink from settling in the sides or bottom of the container. The Formulator offers fixed and variable speed options, and can rotate either clockwise or clockwise.

  • Variable speed AC electric motor
  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Self-centering clamp
  • Easily-adjustable touchscreen angle for convenient access
  • Easy-to-use touchscreen control panel
  • Change mixing direction (clockwise, counterclockwise)
  • Quick and easy changeover for different blade sizes
  • Set mixing speed, time and direction and quickly save and recall up to 6 different programs

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