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Action Engineering Single Sleeve Pallet 4"x22"

Action Engineering Single Sleeve Pallet 4"x22"

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Our Single Sleeve Pallets are made of Solid Aluminum and Soft Top Rubber. In most cases, we've been able to apply new techniques to increase the quality and efficiency of our standard pallets. We carefully inspect and grade our materials to ensure that we meet industry standards.

All Single Sleeve Pallets are made to your exact height and dimensional requirements.

1/4" Solid Aluminum & 1/8" Soft Top Rubber is an industry standard on major automatics.
Extra Attention to detail: We bevel the underside of all of our pallets and power brush the bracket edges to a smooth finish.
We machine pallet brackets to 17.75" length for Sleeve & Pocket Pallets.
They are fit tested before being pressed onto the pallet - this way we know that the pallets are a perfect fit on your machine.
Antec Pallets come with Adapter Plates which you can use with a bracket you provide.
We make all MHM and ROQ Standard Pallets out of ultra-light honeycomb aluminum

MHM and ROQ Pallets do not come with Soft Top Rubber. If you would like to add Rubber, please order from the standard pallet page.

For other sizes of sleeve pallets check out our standard pallet page or contact us for a custom size.

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