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32" x 328' Pinnacle Hot Peel DTF Film for Mimaki DTF Printer

32" x 328' Pinnacle Hot Peel DTF Film for Mimaki DTF Printer

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We offer a unique and exclusive DTF film specifically designed for Mimaki DTF printers. Here are the details of the product:

  • Width: 32 inches
  • Length: 328 feet

This DTF film is the only one of its size available on the market, making it a perfect choice for your Mimaki DTF printing needs. It is specially formulated to work seamlessly with Mimaki inks, ensuring optimal print quality and color vibrancy.

This film has a higher ink loading ability and a quick hot peel.  This results in not needing to slow down the printer and can lay more ink without pooling for a more opaque print.  The hand has a less papery feel than other films.
  • Instant and Easy Peeling
  • Instant & Easy Hot Peeling for Faster Production
  • High Quality & Coating
  • Transfer at Lower Temperature & Shorter Time
  • Heat Press at 325 F for 5 seconds for highest production on most garments
  • Heat Press at 290 F for 10-12 seconds on most garments (No Heat Damage to Fabric)
    • Heat Press at 275-280 F for 10-12 seconds on polyester garments (No Heat Damage to Fabric)
    • Proven High Quality Film
    • Premium Matte Finish, Vivid Color, High Resolution, No Oil, High Ink Loading


    • DTF (Direct To Film) printing works with almost all types of fabrics including 100% polyester with excellent results!
    • Unlike DTG Printing, BRSP DTF Hotpeel Film does not require pre-treatment and also uses on average 75% less Pigment ink to achieve good quality prints.
    • Final printed products have excellent wash durability, stretchability and close to no dye-migration
    • The transfer has a very soft hand feel.
    • The process is much faster than Vinyl printing as there is no weeding involved in this process.
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